Royal Baby: A Prince has been Born!

What an exciting Monday!! We awoke to the wonderful news that Duchess Kate was in labor! Then around noon, we received a phone call from Sue Danielson from WHO Radio 1040 am for an impromptu interview about the Royal Bundle and why we thought everyone was so excited for it!! We believe it's because it is history happening right now! This is the future heir to the throne! We also believe it's because Diana was the People's Princess and now her sons are the People's Princes! They have so much of their mother in them! 

Then a few hours later, the official news... A Prince had been born!! 8 lb. 6 oz! So exciting, it's just like a fairytale!! Last I heard, both mother and son were doing well! So delighted for them! Can't wait to hear what they are going to name him! 

We made Ice Tea Lattes to celebrate and ate little animals crackers in honor of the baby's birth! 


  1. Oh so wonderful...even though I'm a little and tiny dissapointed, I would have love it to be a girl! I loved the names they chose for a girl too. Alexandra like my daughter, or Victoria like my granddaughter, too! Anyway...many blessings to the new prince and to the parents.

  2. I watched and waited all this time then got busy with a task that took most of the day...........and my HUSBAND is the one who delivered this wonderful news. (I am kinda shocked.)

    So happy mommy and baby are doing well. Bless them both!

    Time to celebrate! Another Royal is born!!! Praise be to God!

  3. I am so glad it was a boy and he's a BIG boy at that!


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