Bed and Breakfast Guests: Secrets to a Happy Marriage

This past week we had the cutest farm couple come and stay at the B&B to celebrate their anniversary – Henry and Ruth.  Guess how many happy years this married couple has been together?!

55!!  Isn’t that wonderful?!   They have four children, 19 grand children and expecting their 11th great grandchild any day now!!  What a legacy!!

Henry surprised Ruth this week by calling and making all of the arrangements…how special is that?!  Apparently, Ruth had mentioned she’d like to stay at a B&B, so Henry did his homework!!  He felt very comfortable here in our farm setting (smiles).

At breakfast we asked them secrets to a happy, long marriage – here’s what they shared:

First, the Lord has always been the central focus of their marriage; has helped to keep them balanced.

Secondly, doing little things for one another, whether it’s a surprised bouquet of wildflowers after haying all day; to riding in the tractor with hubby to help pass time; and moonlight walks just to name a few!

Third, add some humor…Henry knows Ruth is scared to death of mice; one time she was riding in the tractor with him and he had run over a mouse.  They had stopped and she went to get something, so Henry set the dead mouse on the step leading into the tractor!!  Henry almost lost his riding partner that day! Ha.

May they have many more happy years together!!!  We hope this has blessed you like it did us!!


  1. Well aren't they the cutest?

    And they did give words of wisdom for certain.

    That mouse stunt? It is sooooo Mr. Finch Rest - not that we go haying, but those types of antics fill me day. Poor Ruth. LOL.

    Sweet post to wake to today, thank you.

    My best to you for the remainder of your weekend!

  2. How special to have the opportunity to learn from them and have them enjoy your hospitality.


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