The Guitar Man Update

Some of you have been asking how things are going with Chase and his life on the road. First off -- he's loving it!! 

This past week, we had the opportunity to make a mad dash up to Hudson, WI to see Chase perform with Lorie Line. What an awesome experience! We have always been a fan of Lorie Line -- so we were excited to see her perform again, but what a "strange" experience it was to see 'our' Chase performing with her! It was surreal! Initially, I (mom), was concerned if I would feel nervous like you do when you go to watch a piano recital...but after the show got started, I was so taken in with the talent of Lorie and her Fabulous Five, that I didn't even think about being worried anymore! In fact, the show was so wonderful that it seemed like it was over in a flash! We are now anticipating the Iowa shows... 

Here's Chase with Lorie, his Dad and brothers... 

Here's Chase in his black tuxedo -- just a little secret...he's always loved clothes, so dressing up was a lot of fun for him!! ha 

Here's a link to a spectacular finale, JAXON - named after Lorie's son. They co-composed this's awesome!  JAXON Video

 ENJOY ~ Donna


  1. How exciting for you all. Thanks for sharing the music and your joy.

  2. Hi Donna, I'm playing catch-up with my blog reading tonight, and was so happy to see this post about Chase. So glad he's enjoying this wonderful experience, and I know all of you are so proud of him.


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