A Fun Weekend with a Once in a Lifetime Friend

What a fun weekend I had! Just last week I found out my dear childhood friend, Kiley, was traveling through Kansas City. KC is only about 2.5 hours away from me! I was so excited, and made plans to travel down to see her! 

Kiley and I have been friends ever since we were 4 years old, so I feel like I've known her my whole life! We met when my family lived in California. Our moms were friends, so were Kiley and I! In fact Lori (Kiley's mom) got my mom hooked on Teatime! Immediately, Kiley and I 'clicked'! We had a lot of good times together!! 

When I was 7, my family and I moved back to Iowa, but our families stayed in touch. Despite the miles between us, Kiley and I have stayed good friends by phone-calls, Facebook, email. But we haven't seen each other face to face since we were 8 years old - 15 years! 

Here's a picture of us at 6 years old... 

And us now at 22 and 23! 
Kiley & Spenser
It was absolutely crazy to finally see her in person! I can't even describe the feeling of see my little friend all grown up!! She was still her bright, cheerful, sun-shiny self only all grown up!!  I'm so blessed to have such a special friend, it is rare to still be friends with your childhood best friend!  Not many people are blessed to have a life-long friend!! 

Additionally, I have even more exciting news... We've  been able to work it out for me to fly out to California this summer to visit her and the rest of her family!! I'm excited to see them all again!! 


  1. Holy smokes you two turned out to be absolutely stunning beauties, wow.

    You were darling adorable 6 year olds, too.

    Must be the tea, huh?

    This is such a sweet post. I have a friend I have been dear friends with for almost 50 years, we used to play in mud puddles together.

    I feel the same about her - cept I see her at least once a summer b/c she stayed where I grew up, so when I go visit (it is a vacation area on the lake) I look her up.

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  3. I am so happy for you two to both spend some fun time together. I am also excited about your upcoming visit to CA. Yes...when we moved to CA from Iowa, I was a lonely young mom, but Kiley's Mom, Lori, took me in under her wing, kept me encouraged as a young mom and poured lots of cups of tea with me...kindred spirits that we are! We are blessed to have the Kemp family in our lives! - Donna

  4. You gals are gorgeous! Lucky too, to have a lasting and special friendship. Thanks for sharing your story. I bet everyone who reads it will smile.
    Ruthie at http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/

  5. How exciting! I remember you talking about going to Kansas City to see Kiley when we were there. And now you will be flying out to California too. Have a wonderful time. Long time friends are the very best. I have a long time friend, named Judy. She was born a week before me and lived across the street from us. We still keep contact though I have not seen her for a long time. She lives in Southern California, so someday I will see her when I travel that way.

  6. Darling both of you!How wonderful and what fun. Joining everyone for tea today.Please drop by-Denise

  7. Two beautiful young women! How fun for you to reunite. It's a friendship that will last forever!


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