A Cup of Cheer

A Cup of Cheer
Why not spread a Cup of Cheer to those in need this Holiday Season?

Miss Spenser and I had an opportunity to do so this past November. Our friend, Doris, had invited us to over to see her hats. Doris used to own a very classy women's clothing store in the Storm Lake, Iowa area before settling down in the Des Moines area. As you can see from the photo, Doris is a lady of grace and beauty. At the last minute we decided to put together a quick tea party in a basket, we are so glad we did...it was easy to do and it really brightened Doris' day!

Here's what we did...

Find a basket, fill it with a pretty linen napkin, pretty teacups or teacup mugs, bring a caraffe of tea, add pretty seasonal paper plates and napkins. We made a a couple of tea sandwiches before leaving home, and then on the way in to Des Moines, we stopped at the grocery store and purchased a little package of fruit and cheese cubes, a jello salad, and a half of a bundt cake. It was very simple and very easy to do!

It was so much fun showing up at her home as we pulled all of the yummy tea things out, Doris was like a little girl! We challenge you to share a Cup of Cheer with someone today...we promise you, it will bring you so much joy!


  1. What a lovely thing to do. Doris is beautiful. You inspire me.

  2. I must do this. I have 2 ladies in my church who will be turning 80 years old in February. I heard from the pasture that they do not get out much in the cold months. I think I will share with them a cup of cheer. Thank you for your show of love.


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