Ohio Roadtrip Celebrating Grandma's End-of-Chemo-Treatment

This past weekend, we went to Ohio with my grandma, my mom, some aunts, and a few girl cousins. It was an outing to celebrate Grandma's end-of-chemo-treatment. We went to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit the Princess Diana Exhibit. Some drove from Iowa, some flew from North Dakota, and some drove from Tennessee. Here are a few photos of our fun-filled trip! 

This is the Iowa group (minus my mom who is taking the picture). Aunt Karen on the right was our designated driver - we nicknamed her Navigator. 

From Des Moines it was a 12 hour drive! 

Mileage sign for Kentucky! Getting closer!! 

Arrival in Cincinnati! Yeah! We made it!! 

Ohio river! We walked over this bridge and had fun saying that we walked from Ohio to Kentucky! 

 First night, we enjoyed Tea, Cake, and Chocolates! (My mom made an English Walnut Cake ~ ooh so good!) 

Decked Grandma out with pink and crowned her "Queen Mum!" 

Next Day... Princess Diana Exhibit! 

A wonderful exhibit! We got to view her wedding dress as well as childhood toys, and many of her glamourous designer dresses. This could be one of the last time these items are available for the public to view! 

Spent the evening in "Hyde Park" (notice the name on the sign). Reminded us of our time in England! Enjoyed dinner at an English Restaurant! 

Had fun pretending we were in England for the night! :) 

Teatime at the Netherlands Hotel... very fun! 

 Stay tuned for another post soon with details of our teatime experience! 

Goodbye Ohio! We had fun! Until next time! 


  1. What a fun celebration! You all look fabulous---so happy for your queen mum!

  2. Such good pictures, Spenser! And what a happy occasion. I bet you all feel closer now.

  3. How wonderful - and certainly something to celebrate!

  4. DARN- I soooo would have joined you for tea had I known. I live in Columbus, Ohio - about 3 hours from Cincinnati but would have attempted to meet you.

    What a special and fun trip - you all look so happy!

    I hope and pray your Grandmother stays healthy and a cancer-free survivor.

    My older sister had surgery last Tuesday for breast cancer and I have been caring for her - so cancer and SURVIVING has been on my mind big time lately.

    Blessings to you and your whole family!

  5. What a perfect way to celebrate this special occasion.
    So happy for you all.

  6. what fun. and what a lovely reason to celebrate. best wishes to her.

    oh what a wonderful exhibit. how i would love to see it.

    gentle hugs,


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