Autumn my Favorite Time of Year

Hello Autumn, my favorite season of them all!!! 
It's hard to decide what I love best about this time of year, but to name a few...  I love getting out all my fall-time clothes - My jackets, boots and scarves! I love cozy times by the fire! Apple Cider and Pecan Pie! The colors... Orange, Brown, and Golden
But most of all, this season makes me think of family. With the nights getting dark earlier, it feels as if the family draws nearer... in the evening gathering around the fireside with a beloved book, favorite blanket, good conversation and laughter... I feel this time of year brings reflection and a sense of slowing down. 

Here are a few pictures of my favorite things: 

Wouldn't it be fun to put Autumn in a Bottle?? 

Happy Autumn Tea Friends! 
What is your favorite thing about this season? 


  1. Beautiful post, Spenser! I love autumn too. I have been very busy cleaning up the garden; it is large and it takes many, many hours. But when the garden is put to bed I enter a season of rest; and I love it!

  2. Lovely photos Spenser! It is snowing here and it is beautiful!

  3. Pretty thoughts and pictures of Autumn!


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