Teacup Post: Lucky Us

Over Memorial Weekend, we had the privilege to get together with all of my Mom’s sisters. One lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, another in Tennessee and another in North Dakota. All of them know how much we love “all things tea,” so if they happen upon tea items, they will pick them up for us, or call us to ask if we’d like this or that… 

One of the items, which we don’t have a picture of at this time, is a very old tea table that folds down. My Mom’s sister, Deana, found it a couple years ago at a tag sale in Tennessee. Unfortunately, we have been so busy, we have not been able to get over there to pick it up! And…funnier yet, we met at Grandma and Grandpa’s home in Cedar Rapids, and discovered that between our luggage and 6 people, the table did not fit in our Explorer! SO…Grandma will be the caretaker of it now until we can get over to visit without a full car load! 

Other fun items we received were teacups…Teresa, my mom’s sister in North Dakota, has been holding one of the beautiful teacups here hostage…she was using it as a bribe for us to come visit! Sadly, she has given up on us though…between the tearoom and bed and breakfast now, our plates are full and over flowing most days! We keep telling her not to give up…and as we gaze upon these pretty cups, it will be a constant reminder that, “Life is Short” and we need to schedule in some fun. We honestly hope to do that this next year as our trip to England/Germany will take up quite a few days this year. 

Thanks Aunties for always thinking of us and sending us pretties…we love you all!!!! We hope you enjoy these pretty teacups!!


  1. How special to have family members thinking of you when they are out and about. Love seeing the gifts of love/teacups. So very pretty.

  2. Pretty teacups indeed -- and a fun family story as well!

  3. Beautiful teacups, and you are indeed fortunate to have family with whom to gather!


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