Goodbye Uncle Lloyd

This week, we laid to rest my mother's dear Uncle Lloyd. To many, he was just an ordinary guy, a really nice guy in fact, but to my mother (Donna), he was much more. Uncle Lloyd and his wife never had any children, and through the years, he came to adopt her family and all the kids as his. Even for myself, my brothers and I adopted Uncle Lloyd as “Grandpa Lloyd.” For about 3 years, we lived in the same neighborhood as Uncle Lloyd and my brothers and I would ride our bikes over there to surprise them. There was always ice cold Pepsi, (which Aunt Phyllis filled to the rim, a scary prospect for a young child as we sure didn’t want to spill any! Ha) and cookies. 

Uncle Lloyd was a very kind soul, who believed in my mom and our little tea endeavors. He was very generous to us when we were getting ready to remodel our existing area and surprised us with a check to help accomplish this goal. For that, we are forever grateful. We in fact, have a picture of him in our prep kitchen, which we fondly look upon as we work. 

Uncle Lloyd served our country in the United States Army in WWII. At his interment, they had a military service. What a moving experience. Uncle Lloyd always wanted my mom to have his flag. After the taps were played, they folded the United States Flag in such a ceremonial way. Afterwards, the uniformed member of the Army came over to my mother and knelt down before her and said before handing her the flag: 

“On behalf of the President of the United States and the people of a grateful nation, may I present this flag as a token of appreciation for the honorable and faithful service your loved one rendered this nation.”

It is an honor and blessing to have his flag here in our home…a reminder of a great man, who not only served his country well, but loved our family deeply. Every time we host tea parties in our lovely room…Uncle Lloyd’s legacy lives on. Thank you Uncle Lloyd!!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute! A special Thank you to your Uncle for serving our country with pride and helping to keep us free. And another Thank You to your Uncle for his contribution to help your tea room grow. He certainly knew a good thing when he saw it! May you find comfort with your wonderful memories.

  2. What a great tribute! My deepest sympathy on your loss.

  3. I am sure he will be missed, but how fortunate you all were to have a special uncle in your lives. What a lovely tribute here. Sending hugs to each of you.

  4. Sending my sympathy as well. Treasure his legacy and good memories.

  5. I am truly sorry for your loss. It comes especially at this time that I also lost my Uncle last week, and this week his wife - my mother's sister - was placed in Hospice after falling down basement steps and really breaking, and now has pneumonia.........and yesterday was the funeral for my daughter's step mother, whom we loved very much.

    So my heart hurts for you, and for loss of any kind, as loved ones are truly always missed.

    I am so glad you have good memories of Uncle Lloyd.

    May he and mine rest in peace.

    Hugs of comfort to you and yours.

  6. What a beautiful story, sitting here at an auction reading blogs and get tot this one and I have tears running down my face.. What a treasure for your mother

  7. Dear Donna and Family, I'm so sorry to read about the passing of your Uncle Lloyd. It seems I remember you telling me about him going to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. How wonderful that he believed in you and your tea room vision so much that he helped finance it. I'm glad you have beautiful memories to cherish.

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words and are special friends...we are blessed!


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