Teacup Thursday: Aunts and Teacups

Aunt Teresa was here this week... Over the past few weeks, I've been sharing pictures of the teacups she's given us! We were secretly hoping she'd bring us some more when she came... but she said she looked but she couldn't find any - at least she tried!! 

Here's a picture of my fun Aunt!! She's holding a teacup from one of her previous finds!! 

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  1. Your Auntie is beautiful as the teacup she is holding!

    Posted my nicest afternoon tea party tioday that I have hosted all year - has been impossible due to all my health issues of the first part of the year...hope you can visit it too - so fun to finally feel good enough to share it.

  2. Special aunts that give teacups are the very best. I am delighted you noticed how special she it and enjoy her visit whether she brings teacups or not. You have a treasure in your Aunt Teresa.

  3. Your auntie is a lovely lady! I have a special auntie too who passed on most of her Rose Chintz to me. Thanks for hosting and have a lovely day.


  4. It looks like a perfect teacup for fall and how lucky of you to have a lovely Aunt Teresa to bring you treasures.

  5. Sweet lady! Please tell your mom to take a peak at my blog to see our daughter's wedding. It was lovely. Can't wait for the professional pix to come.
    Love, Linda

  6. Hello Aunt Teresa! They love you and your teacups. :)
    Ruthie from : http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com


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