With a Grateful Heart

Thank you to every one on Facebook who sent up prayers for Donna's Dad -- and Miss Spenser's English Grandpa!! (His English heritage is far back...but with a last name like Cherryholmes...well, we like to pretend it's recent! smiles). On Saturday morning, Grandpa had a mild heart attack. The doctors did a lot of testing and scans of his heart; they have changed a few meds, sent him home with a new diet, and more exercise...so hopefully, things will be okay!

A special "heart" thank you to all the heart doctors out there...medicine has certainly come a long way; we are so very grateful for that!!

Thought we'd share with you today a lovely photo-art that Zachary Hardin took. Notice how the handles refect a heart shape.  

Again thank you for all your 'heart-felt' concerns and prayers, they were very much appreciated! He's the best grandpa (and dad) that any one could ask for...we are blessed. Praying for many more happy and healthy years! Love you Grandpa!!


  1. So happy to hear this news! Nice picture too.

  2. Glad to have kept up with the news on FB. Prayers continue for you and the family.

  3. Hi Dear friends...I've been so busy, I missed this post. Heart medicine is amazing now...we are so thankful for it and how it has allowed my dad to continue living a very nice life.
    Thinking of you,


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