Autumn in England... The Mosaic of All Seasons

One of the first questions we posed to Alan and Ilse was, “What is Fall like in England?” Being the proper English gentleman that Alan is, he carefully informed us that the English refer to this season as “Autumn”, not “Fall”… which does have a lovely ring to it, don’t you think? It’s much more poetic and enticing than just plain “Fall” So…we are working on changing our vocabulary around here! (smiles)

Much like the States, Autumn is a time when the land sheds it lush green shades and turns mosaic in nature. Although ‘Autumn’s colours’ in England may not be as dramatic as one would enjoy in “New England,” the striking shades of golds, yellows and reddy-browns provide a brilliant display to please the eye.

How long it lasts is weather dependent and varies from year to year, but it’s usually best when they have had a dry summer. October is the month when weather patterns shift and they start to receive the tail end of the depressions that cause hurricanes on the East Coast. It isn’t uncommon for leaves to remain on the Oak trees well into November until they get the strong winds or frosts.

The Ridgeways have a Bonsai Maple which is looking very pretty now with a nice mix of greens and reds and some lovely mature Horse-Chestnut trees out the front of their home. They tell us the leaves are already falling and are an orange-brown…a glorious last hurrah before winter sets in.

Until next time, Alan and Ilse send their Kind Regards and Best Wishes!
Alan and Ilse

 Photography Credit: Alan Ridgeway


  1. Beautiful! I hope you and Miss Spenser get to visit England soon!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. The colors and photographs are certainly beautiful. They definitely show the beauty of Autumn in England.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Brings back so many memories...a favorite time for us to visit. Gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for posting tham.

  4. SO scenic and lovely! My favorite time of year! just gorgeous :)

  5. Hello from an expat in England :) I smiled at this post - I think their photos were from Sheffield Park, where I just visited too :) If you are interested, you can see my post here
    Have a WONDERFUL rest of your week! XOLaura


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