Happy 87th Birthday to the Queen

Happy 87th's Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II! 

Though the Queens' birthday is April 21st, she celebrates it twice. Once in April and the other in June, because the weather is better for outdoor festivities!  Two birthdays sound like a nice idea to me! :) 

We'll be hosting a special Queen's birthday celebration in June... A Candlelight Tea Party on June 7th at 6:30! Call today to make your reservations! 641-342-1547


  1. Wow, the Queen is 87 and looking great!! Many blessings for her!

  2. I've always liked, Elizabeth. Happy birthday to her.

  3. Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth! How special that you'll be having a tea event in her honor!

  4. I guess if you are the queen you can have as many birthdays as you want. Of course I believe in celebrating all year long. Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth.


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