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Big Ben

Tower Bridge
Just got back from our trip to Europe last Friday! What an amazing time! As many of you know, it's been Mom and I's dream to go to England for many years! So it was very fun to visit there and add Germany has a bonus to our trip! 

I've had some people ask me, "Well, is England everything you hoped it would be?" To which I reply, "Yes! And so much more! It was truly magical!" Through the tearoom we met the nicest couple, Alan and Ilse. They were our official England tour guides and "English B&B hosts." :) 

Alan & Ilse ~ Our England Hosts
A Trip to London ~ Donna, Miss Spenser, & Ilse

As for Germany, that was quite a fun experience! I was able to meet my pen-pal friend, Kaya Mogge and the rest of her family. 
Kaya & Spenser in Germany
Her family opened up their home to mom and I. Kaya's grandma did a good job "pampering" us and Kaya's mom, Ines, we have nicknamed "Pathfinder," as she was amazing at always knowing where to go! First we were in the northern part of Germany, hopped over to Denmark for the day, then spent the weekend in Berlin, and finally traveling home to Kaya's hometown of Dortmund. It was so much fun! Kaya and I are very much alike that it's like we've known each other for a very long time. We're Kindred Spirits for sure! 
A visit to Starbucks ~ Ines, Kaya, & Miss Spenser


Donna, Miss Spenser, Kaya & the Berlin Bear
While in Germany we also were able to visit the town of where our ancestors came from, Uslar! It was amazing to see such old and beautiful buildings! 
These are just a sampling of the pictures I took! This fall we'll be hosting a tea party about our trip, so you'll want to be sure to get your ticket for that to hear all the fun stories we have to share and see more pictures! 

Today, I find myself missing Europe and my adopted European family! We are so grateful to both the Ridgeways and Mogge family for their hospitality and all the effort they made to make us feel at home and make our trip memorable! Which it truly was! Thank you!! Can't wait to go back! 

England Trip - Tea in the Garden Day 1

A quick post of some photos from our first day in England! 
We had Tea in the Garden...

Clotted Cream! 

Our lovely hosts... Alan and Ilse

Mom and I getting excited to try clotted cream for the first time! 

Alan's Fabulous Scones

Ilse's yummy Lemon Drizzle Cake

Alan's Alpine Strawberries... the kind Jane Austen would enjoy! 

'Til next time! Cherrio! 

Once Upon a Tea Cup - Dreams Really Do Come True

Well, friends, today is the day…my mom and I will be flying out of Des Moines Airport to Chicago, and then on an overnight flight to London!! We will be in their fair country for 6 days; then heading on to Germany for 2 weeks. We are so excited! We hope to share pictures with you along the way…so stay posted. 

This little dream started about 8 years ago, over a cup of tea. My mom and I discovered how much we enjoyed the ritual of a cup of afternoon tea…I was 14 at the time. One day, my mother came up with the brilliant idea that we would travel to England when I graduated in 4 years and have tea with the Queen! (smiles). We shared our grandiose idea with dear ole’ dad and he said, “That’s nice, how do you plan on funding your trip?” Well, naturally, we thought he would, so since he wasn’t offering, we put our heads together and came up with our tea business to help fund our way. 

Finally, we are fulfilling this dream! Thank you to all of our tea friends who have helped us make this dream a reality…it’s really amazing, isn’t it, what can happen over just a little cup of tea?!

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