Happy Birthday to Charlotte Brontë!

Happy Birthday to Charlotte Brontë! 

She would have been 198 today! She wrote quite a few juvenile and 2 poetry books. However, she is probably best known for her work as a novelist: 
Jane Eyre 
The Professor
Emma ~ was not completed

Have you read any of them? Jane Eyre is one of my most favorite books of all time!  I've read it a few times and love it more and more each time I read it!  

This is my favorite movie adaption of Jane Eyre - the 2006 version from BBC: 
(don't tell my dad, but mom is secretly in love with Toby Stevens as Mr. Rochester - heehee) 
It's slightly rainy outside today... sounds like a good day to pull out some Brontë books and enjoy a good read! With a pot of tea of course! 

Easter Cake Ideas

We've been admiring the fun Easter Cake ideas that have been circling around online. There are some really creative and charming cakes out there. We've put a small collection of them together to share with each of you! 

Bunny Cake from SheekShindigs Blog

Perfect for a Teaparty ~ Easter Egg Cupcakes from Bella Bobbin Blog

Kit Kat Easter Cake (source unknown) 

Bunny Cake Retro Style from McCormick Recipes

CakeBlog has quite a few fun Easter Cakes: 

Bunny Cake 

An Easter Cake from our British Friends! 

Do you have an Easter Cake tradition? Or are you making anything special this year? Please comment below, we'd love to hear about it! 

Daffodils whisper "Winter is Dead"

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet, 
She wore her greenest gown; 
She turned to the south wind 
And curtsied up and down. 
She turned to the sunlight 
And shook her yellow head, 
And whispered to her neighbor: 
"Winter is dead." 
A.A. Milne - When we Were Very Young

Look at these charming daffodils that our sweet tea friend brought us at our tea last weekend. They were the first of her garden! We were so touched she gave them to us! They've last all week, just in time for ours to awaken in the garden! 

Baby Prince George Down Under

I'm sure you all have seen pictures of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their darling Prince George on their Royal Tour! However, I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites with you! 

Yes, yes, Prince George we think your mommy's hair is pretty too!

Snuggle time! 

Does he look like a Windsor or a Middleton??

It's not only Kate who charms the world now, but this Little Prince too!  

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